Drosera binata

Drosera binata

The Botanical Ninja

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Drosera binata, otherwise known as the fork-leafed sundew, is a large bifurcated drosera with long stems and leafs that become a deep red with sufficient light. Each leaf is covered in the sticky tentacles that lure and catch insects, curling around them to digest them. This is a great starter plant; it is complex, beautiful, and fun to watch grow and catch bugs.

When mature, the plant will produce flower stalks with small white flowers and grow up to a foot in height. The flowers self pollinate and produce tons of seeds. In the winter, the plant may go dormant. It will look like it has died back, but if you look closely it is sustaining itself in a hibernaculum that it comes out of when spring comes again. This plant can be propagated through many methods.

Medium to large size plants will be shipped bare root.